ATV Flash (black) not working right

Installed ATV Flash on a 5.0.2 fresh JB. It installed ok, went into maitenence, it came up with the options Manage Extras, Settings, and About, but they were vertical options, had to click on them to see the options, different from before. Then I couldn’t install anything, it would go for a moment, they say Retry, thought maybe the server was down, but it allowed me to back up my firmware. Internet is fine, same thing on 2 different ATV’s reloaded the 2.0.2 dmg, same results, any ideas whats wrong?


Hi, I was JBing with Sn0wbreeze, as I’ve done before, no changes, but it wasn’t working the same. I tried re-JB Seas0npass way and now Atv flash seems to be working fine now, all fixed.