aTV Flash (black), Mac - 2.4 is NOT installing on 3 different Macs

I’m trying to re-jailbreak my ATV2 on 5.3, as it pinked out on me.

Well I go to to install the newest version of Flash (2.4… I hope) on my laptop running 10.9.5 (Mavericks). Everything is going fine, and the install finishes with success. However, I go to look for the actual app, and nothing… no icon… no listing in Spotlight… nada. OK, so it doesn’t like my new laptop, so I try my desktop (also on Mavericks). Again, no joy. Now I’m getting a bit peeved, so finally I try my Mini media server running 10.8.x (thinking that the installer doesn’t like Mavericks). Bubkiss… nothing again! What’s the deal? Any insight?

I did a manual re-install of 5.3 via iTunes, but I’d REALLY like my jailbreak back!

Firecore, your assistance would be very appreciated.