aTV Flash (black) license has expired?

My ATV2 has been retired for a while but I thought I’l dust it off and put it to use again.

When I logged in to download ATV Flash (black) though, I see the following message:

Your aTV Flash (black) license has expired

… and there’s no downloads available in the Downloads section.

Now I appreciate that buying a product like this doesn’t entitle me to a lifetime of updates but I do expect to always be able to redownload the latest verison I paid for, especially at the sort of price you’re asking for this product in the first place.

I see I’m offered the following though: “Good news! You’re eligible for special upgrade pricing — Lifetime aTV Flash (black) updates for only 29.99!

Forgive me if I’m not all that impressed at now being asked to spend an extra $30 to redownload software I already paid for. Hardly what I’d consider “Good news!”

The reason I was dusting off my ATV2 was to show it to a friend who has aquired one and I was going to recommend ATV Flash (black) to them. As it stands I’ll certainly not be recommending anything of the sort.

Sorry for the confusion. There are a few reasons why old versions are deactivated, and a more thorough explaination can be found here.