aTV Flash (Black) - Is This *Preferable* For XBMC? (noob)

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Hi All,


I’m a total noob to ATV, JB’ing, XBMC etc… however, I’m a broadcast engineer, so I’m pretty experienced with IT stuff generally :wink:


I recently purchased an ATV2, JB it yesterday (much pain, until I realised that there is currently an issue with OS X <= 10.7.5 and I was on 10.6.8 - see but I eventually got there after pressing an old Win7 box into action! I am now ponerding what to do next.


My primary purpose is to get XBMC up and running and I’d initially planned to achieve this via the SSH route however, I see that XBMC can be installed via aTV Flash (Black).


My question is which ‘install route’ gives the best outcome / user experience and performance, if there is any difference at all.


The ‘ease’ of installing via aTV Flash (Black) is of no particular appeal to me personally (I’m perfectly comfortable with SSH) so I’m only really interested in what the best outcome is.


Are these two routes different means to the very same end or is the end result ‘different’ in terms of performance?


I should add that I’m not massively excited about the license terms for aTV Flash (Black) being effectively a “1 year rental” but if your reasons for purchasing and installing are compelling then I’ll consider it.


Thanks :D