aTV Flash Black Internet Explorer and Wireless Keyboard

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Can I use my Apple wireless keyboard with my jailbreaked Apple TV 2G? I want to browse internet with using aTV Flash Black internet explorer and Apple Wireless Keyboard, if it's possible I will sell my Mac Mini and buy aTV Flash 2. (note: Also can I use my Apple Magic Mouse with Apple TV 2?


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Sorry, Bluetooth devices are not yet supported, but may be added in the future.

Yes you can! Install the BT Stack and search for keyboard. Install it, pair it and injoy it :-)

where do you find this BT stack???  very interested...

Look for the BTStack under the nitoTV menu,.. "Install Software".. install it - reboot - and you'll configure it under "Settings","Custom Settings"- Works perfect with the wireless Apple Keyboard8)

and don't forget to install the VNC to connect your keyboard. You'll need this to select your keyboard. The btstack itself won't give you the opportunity to connect.

Although browsing the internet is possible i find it a little clunky & slow i'm not sure i would want to use it all the time.

iT did for me .. no need for the VNC

After Installing the BT Stack, Configure it under settings...