aTV Flash (black) & Infuse 5.8

What is the latest version of aTV Flash (black)? If I purchase it today, will I be getting the latest features of Infuse 5.8? Or does it install some old unsupported version because Apple TV 2 is old?

The version of inFuse on ATV2 is old and has not been updated for many years. I cannot remember if it was version 2 or 3, but it certainly predates inFuse 4 on the ATV4 (let alone the current inFuse 5).

I bought it years ago and when I log in it gives me the latest version to download (presently 2.6.1) updated jan 19 2018.

I see I should have checked better before buying the Black flash today. My ATV2 is simply too old, Kodi is not updated and I have not found a way to get Exodus (or similar) into Kodi with the old version. Anyone else still using ATV2 and have any good tips on how to get the most of it today? Those $29 seems pretty wasted now.

I actually bought 3 ATV2, struggled for a month to get it to work as I wanted it, and then sold them all online, and bought an ATV4K. Infuse works great on that!