ATV Flash Black for PC users?

I just purchased this software and was very anxious to give it a try,but when I went to install it I found out it was Mac only?I feel a little cheated,as I cant find it stated anywhere in the purchase page stating Mac only?Any information as to when a PC version will be available would be appreciated!Sorry if I missed the boat and didn't see a"Mac only" disclaimer.:(

Sorry for the confusion. We're planning to have a Windows version available within the next week.

I bought this because it said that it works with a PC and discovered the file is meant for a Mac.  This needs to be clarified on the website so people will not be as disappointed as I when I just found out it won't work until later.  Ugh!!

same go the email advising the beta was avilable and went and purchased then went to download and found it was for mac's only!!!!!!

Double whammy for me. PC user and firmware 4.1 (no jail break yet)

Same problems here - Windows and aTV 4.1. Are there any plans to e-mail out an update covering the release of compatible software for us Win 7 & 4.1 users ? At the very least clarifying the situation on the order page would be a good start.


just reading the forum and same here, running 4.1..... surely it cant be hard to change the purchase page to advise customers of these 2 things

Ditto, purchased the beta not aware only Mac and not aware that does not work with 4.1. 

I faced the same problem, purchased the beta version not aware that is was Mac only and not aware that does not work with 4.1.  Hope that an update is available in a short time.

Glad I looked and did not buy. Needing APPLE MAC computer for install only, and needing less than the 4.1 update of the Apple TV on the black version.

Lucky I did not allow apple to update my firmware on the Apple TV, and hope the kids did not see a message and update it while I was not looking.

Of course any new buyers of an Apple TV will have the new software, which will not work with this update.

This that ATV FLASH needs to make a web site correction fast before they have a bunch of disappointed purchasers of the BETA that can not work at all.

FYI - the PC version is nearly complete and should be available early next week.

Those that already pre-ordered will see an extra download link in their account for the PC version.

Good news, the Windows beta is done! We should have this available on the site shortly, but if you can't wait any longer shoot me a PM and I can give you a direct download link. :-)

Update: The Windows version is available under the Downloads tab in your account. It currently supports Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit).

Thats great,but unfortunatly for me I upgraded the firmware a few days ago,so I still have to wait for the new JB.The waiting game continues...... :[

This may be a stupid question, but will this work with Vista? Also, when the Windows version is available will I find that on the download page in my account?

Yes but it still doesn't work with 4.1 and your Atv has to be jailbroken ... How do I jailbrake using a PC ... Instructions on jailbraking are for MAC users only ...

did you tried with snowbreeze expert mode ?? mine is still on 4.0

[quote="jean-francois g.69722"]

did you tried with snowbreeze expert mode ?? mine is still on 4.0


Hi Jean-Francois G...

Any pointers on how to use / get snowbreeze please? My Apple TV is running 4.0, my PC is running Win 7 (64 bit).

Thanks in advance for any pointers...





You can go to the following link.  All download links are available and it is well explained.

just download pc version, run the exe program trying to install drop down menu didn't have my apt, can't go further.Need help

i'm using window7, apt2 black with jailbreak 4.0 frimware


You can go to the following link.  All download links are available and it is well explained.



MartinF - thanks, I will have a go later today. Much appreciate, NickW.