aTV Flash (Black) fails 24Bit/96k Playback

Hi! Great work with aTV Flash Black! Managed eventually to stream my Flacs to my AppleTV2>DAC! Very gratefull!

I have many 24/96 Flacs though that cannot be played with aTV Flash! Every time i try so it seems that aTV Flash is starting to play the tune but immediately skips to the second, third, forth and so on track! I can play them with iTunes through Home sharing but i have to decode them first to .wav format with Flac Frontend! 

Am i doing something wrong or aTV Flash cannot support HD Flacs?

Another problem i have is that Greek subtitles are not decoded correctly. Is this a bug to be resolved in the future?


Thanks a lot in advance!

Once again congrats for the great work with aTV Flash Black!


24 bit audio files are not yet supported, but will hopefully be working soon.

To get the Greek subtitles to display properly you will need to change the encoding type. Details for doing this can be found here.

Thats OK, i will be waiting firecore team to cope with this too!


Problem with greek subtitles- was no problem indeed! Easily resolved after proper encoding selected!


Thak you very much for the help!