atv flash black error 9.100

Hi I’ve done everything required for the installation but when installing atv flash black i get the error code 9.100, can someone please help me resolve this? 

pareil pour moi, ça ne fonctionne pas, meme erreur…

Having same problem.

Looking in the logs i get this error

Failed to fetch  Host Unreachable

Failed to fetch  Cached Failure

Failed to fetch  Cached Failure

Failed to fetch  Cached Failure

E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?

Is it a repo problem?? How can we solve this?

Same issue here and getting no real help with it. same old, “it seems to be YOUR network according to the log”. Okay, it’s still a problem for me…how do i fix it? I even tried using my pc exe to install it. Still exact same issue, 9.100. I’ll take any responses that don’t include reset, reinstall, power cycle, airplay while…blah blah, or the like. Something that effects both my PC and my MAC will not let me install this mother on my atv2. If it’s network…fine…I feel that’s valid. How can I completely disable everything on my network to allow this update? I’ve even plugged it directly into my lan…same issue. Deleted everything and reinstalled everything…same issue. Set a password for airplay on my aTV and in my iTunes then started airplaying …same issue. turned off firewall…same issue. Are there just some serial numbered aTV2’s that will not work?




Finally got mine working, it’s just that I wasn’t the one to do it. I paid someone else to do it. He was calling me to tell me it was done as soon as I got home from dropping it off with him…like 15 minutes total. He uses a PC. Maybe that’s my problem, using a Mac and a time capsule. Maybe it’ll be doable with the ATV3 in a few weeks?