ATV Flash Black + DVD's Question

So I’m considering getting ATV Flash (black), but I can’t seem to find a video of how it works with ripped DVDs.  I found one showing it for the “silver” edition of ATV Flash, but that involved FTPing the DVD image to the Apple TV’s internal hard drive – not desirable.


My questions are:


  1. Can the Apple TV with ATV Flash black access DVD images on a network share (i.e.: a hard drive shared from Airport Extreme)???

1a) If Yes, would ripped DVD’s be available through the “Media” menu on ATV Flash?


  1. Will the ripped DVD’s show up as “SOME_MOVIE_NAME” after the ripped folder name or does ATV Flash get meta-data about the movie from the DVD image or from the internet or some combination of both.  Also, regarding meta-data, does ATV Flash (black) pull a nice thumbnail image of the movie from somewhere?

2a) If ATV Flash Black CANNOT get metadata, is there a way to enter it?  


  1. Is WiFi fast enough for DVD playback on Apple TV 2 with ATV Flash (black)?  Do I need to use a wired ethernet connection to get good performance? (I’m considering wiring up my family room to my router if so)


If somebody can point me to some video demonstrations of these features that would be great. Thanks.