aTV Flash (black) doesn't recognize jailbroken AppleTV2


I have tried 3 times to install aTV Flash (black) on my AppleTV 2. I have completed the following steps multiple times:

  1. Delete user/documents/tether folder from the hard drive to get rid of previous IPSW files

  2. Open seas0nPass to download, patch and restore IPSW file

  3. Boot tether using seas0nPass


















  1. Set wifi connection for appleTV2

  2. Open aTV Flash and attempt to install…NOPE.




















Any suggestions? Because everything above in steps 1-4 work perfectly and without error but it appears as if the provided IPSW file for 5.3 has actually not been successfully jailbroken. 

For reference, the size of my IPSW file post-jailbreak is 588.4MB (588,383,593 bytes)


I am trying to install the new aTV Flash (black) through my PC and everything works until it tries to transfer the files and then it fails saying:


Oops, it looks like your apple tv is not accessible or the connection was blocked by your firewall. Please check your apple tv and firewall settings and try again.

What am I checking for? I took my firewall’s down completely and am still having no luck. Can someone please help?

Seriously Firecore? Over a month and no reply to this problem. Amazing.:open_mouth: