I have finally been able to jailbreak my apple tv2 with seasonpass untethered jailbreak. It confirmed when finished that it was a untethered jailbreak and i have the firecore logo showing when i connect my atv2 to my tv. Now i have a problem trying to install atv flash black. I have downloaded the latest version and made sure airplay and homesharing are turned on, on my atv2, but when i start atv flash, it cannot find my atv2 and it asks me to manually input the ip address. After manually inputting the ip address it then says ( installation failed,oops it looks like your atv is not accessible or the connection was blocked by your firewall. Please check your atv and firewall settings and try again). I have checked the atv and its connected to my wifi and my windows7 network seems ok but i’ m not too sure if i have missed something or if i’m doing something wrong. I have unplugged the atv2 and restarted my pc then plugged my atv2 in again but still have this issue. Can anyone please help


I have now finally installed atv flash black on my atv2 and have then installed the usual apps, ie:- nito tv, media player and xbmc. I now have a problem with the xbmc app icon. It is just plain black with xbmc title below it. It is not the usual xbmc app logo icon. I’m getting really frustrated now as i thought i had finally fixed all issues. Xbmc works fine it just the app logo on atv homepage is blank. There must be someone out there that can help