ATV Flash Black Beta 2 works with Greenpois0n RC6

Like many I did a new jail break with greenpois0n RC6 only to find out that once you install ATV Flash you lose your wifi connection and you cant see the maintenance menu. I redid the jail break and used ATV Flash Beta 2 and it works. The only bug still is that if you unplug power or reboot the AppleTV it comes back up and says you have no wifi. If you simply restart Low Tide the wifi comes back on line. 

1. restore AppleTV in iTunes

2. run Greenposi0n RC6

3. Once jail broken, set up wifi and click on greenpois0n to install jail break

4. Once AppleTV has restarted run ATV Flash Black Beta 2 (not the newest) 

5. Reboot ATV and if you have no wifi then you just go to NitoTV and restart Low Tide

Thx with beta 2 i can see the manage menue!!

That’s good info…thanks for sharing!

i have jailbroke my atv2 with greenpois0n rc6 with no problems installed nitotv but i can not install or see maintenance on my screen with atv flash black ( the latest ) any help please thanx....

How do I get Beta2? I could only see Beta3. I was able to jailbreak with GreenPois0n and then install ATV Flash - it said everything was succesfull but I could not find the Maintenence window. Is there a way to download Beta 2 any longer?




Hi, I have jailbroken 3 ATV 2s using GP RC6 and installed ATVFlash B3. Was a painful process with a bit of hit and miss when installing XBMC and ATVFlash Maintenance menus. Here's how I did it, I am not a pro so somethings I may have done may not have made a difference at all but I do have everything going except Wifi.

Firstly JB with GP RC6, I had direct connection with Ethernet cable.

Install cydia repos.

Reboot and install ATV Flash B3, now this is the hit and miss part. The computer will say that it's installed but may not show up in ATV at all. I then went into NitoTV menu/install software/ update all. After that reboot, if you still don't see it there then reintall ATVFlash. Put into sleep. Unplug power and reboot. It may show up then. If not some of the above steps may have to be repeated again.

If the maintenance shows up, install XBMC. Again this was a problem because XBMC wouldnt show up after install. Try update all again in NitoTV. You may have to reinstall XBMC again also try XBMC install from NitoTV. Sleep mode and then unplug power and reboot.

So this is how i got it going. Apologies if haven't been very precise with the steps, it was very frustrating and some of the steps may be in different orders. Hopefully this may be useful.

Good Luck!