aTV Flash (black) 2.3 Booting Untethered?


I’m running an Apple TV2. Yesterday, I decided to update my aTV2 software to aTV flash black 2.3, and Apple iOS 5.3.

Since the 2.3 / 5.3 update, my Apple TV will no longer boot untethered.

After the jailbreak, which appears to work, I’m routinely getting the blinking white light of doom. At which point, I can successfully tether boot the Apple TV with SeasonPass. Then, I can also successfully install aTV Flash 2.3 via the firecore installer on my Mac. The aTV even reboots correctly on its own when I install aTV Flash and when I’ve installed Infuse.

But any other time, when I try to restart the Apple TV, it is giving me the blinking white light of doom. With the former OS / flash black installed, I could reboot untethered without issue. Any ideas how I can fix this? #HelpMeObiwan #SOS

I rolled back the OS to 5.2 with SeasonPass, restart works okay. Apple TV appears moderately confused, white blinking light, then loads. Would like to run 5.3 for the HBO GO :)))))))))))))) I can live with HBO GO AirPlay in the interim.

Thanks, Mike


The jailbreak for the 5.3 firmware is a tethered one, so it is not (currently anyway) possible to have a jailbroken 5.3 system that’s untethered.

I have the same issue here. Installed 5.3 and 2.3 and it will not boot untethered. Any idea?

Not sure what you are expecting - the 5.3 firmware is a tethered jailbreak. The version of ATV Flash is not relevant - it s the firmware version that determines this.