ATV Flash Auto Update / Web Update?

Hi All

I currently have to get a friend to update my USB Key on his work’s Macbook, it would be really really handy if there was a way to update the software over the web.

I know its not an easy thing to come up with but it would make life a lot easier for end users. Sure, there will be a problem when Apple next release an update as it will overwrite the ATV Flash stuff, but maybe you could come up with 2 download options for updates:

1 - USB Key with core ATV Flash files, that never change - This will allow you to update Apple TV main engine from Apple Updates. Once updated you stick the core ATV Flash USB key in, the software will then install, reboot and then obtain updates, or select version of ATV Flash to download from the internet.

2 - Continue with the standard way of updating, download via a Mac.

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That’s a great idea. I for one would like to see this also. ATV has internet access (or at least it should) so it would be really cool to be able to update my ATVFlash directly through the web from my ATV. I guess one would simply have to supply ones ATVFlash username and password to a little ‘Update ATVFlash’ application.

What do the good people at ATVFlash think to this?

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Paul :wink:

yeah, I’d like this feature also.

i agree there should be a way for atv flash to auto update
so every day atvflash checks for an update and if there is one available it asks the user on the apple tv if they want to download and install it or the user can just tell it to do it all automatically