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I've owned aTVFlash for quite some time now and watched it become progressively better. Tonight I downloaded Remote HD for my 1st generation Apple TV and it reminded me of something I'd previously looked into and discovered at the time wasn't possible, i.e. streaming video from an Apple Extreme with HDD attached. Well, it's over a year down the line and I am wondering whether there's been any advance. 

As stated I have

1 x Apple TV (1st Gen) hacked using aTV Flash 

1 x Apple Airport Extreme 

1 x Iomega 1Tb external USB drive

Plus several Apple Mac units in the house

Normally I have the Iomega plugged directly into the back of the Apple TV via USB. However, this means that whenever I want to access the films on my iMacs or Macbook I have to remove it from the back of the Apple TV and plug it into the USB port on my Airport Extreme. 

Has anyone discovered a way to stream video from a USB HDD attached to an Airport extreme to Apple TV yet? I'd love to be able to access films on my Apple TV as well as my computers (away from home also) without disconnecting and messing around. I would even consider an array of HDD. 

Thanks in advance. 


Deary me, no reply! Suggests that a solution has not been found thus far. Okay, so I updated to a 1Tb Time Capsule and also bought 2 x 2Tb WD external HDD and a USB extender. So now all my films are available via network, but I'd still love to get some kind of streaming going from HDD / Time Capsule to the Apple TV (Gen1). One day perhaps someone will produce an app and I would gladly pay for it ;) 

Actually there is a solution. You can setup a share point through the nitoTV --> Network menu that will allow you to stream from the hard drive connected to your Airport Extreme.

The full guide with details can be seen here.

I didn't report back until today and was very pleased to see this solution being offered. I am going to try this solution immediately as it would free up a hard drive! Thank you! A very much appreciate response! 8)



Just tried this and the Apple TV must have gone a bit wonky whilst installing some essential software. During instalment the screen went blank and I couldn't get it to reboot properly. Splash scene would cut midway and then video output would disappear as my TV would display the HDMI resolution as if nothing was actually plugged in. 

So, I had to do a full factory reset and install everything again, which was a major pain. Now the video output on some of the files I am pulling from the external HDD are blocky and stutter. 

Round 2 tomorrow after university... 


For some reason I couldn’t get this to work… life is too short sometimes lol - come the summer holidays I’ll look at it again, but thank you none the less!