ATV Flash and timecapsule

Hi Guys

Got ATV flash installed and working well with Nito etc, spent a while trying to get 5.1 surround on ripped DVDs and that is now working well but the issue I am having is with connecting to my time capsule, I have tried load of settings and I just can not get it to mount, can anyone offer the exact settings I should use so that I can start ripping ASAP?

Any help much appreciated, I have trawled the forum but can’t find anything final which is listed as working


There is a guide for setting it up here:

It may help if you post your settings you have entered for the share point.

Within the demo video you speak about an external USB drive connected to Time Capsule (this external USB is identified with the Volume Path). Is it possible to mount the Time Capsule hard drive or I will be able only mounting an external usb device?

Yes, the internal Time Capsule drive can be mounted in the same way. Just enter the name the Time Capsule drive has for the Volume Path.

I’m in trouble. I’m not able to mount time capsule. ATV shows immdiately this error after launching process: “mount_smbfs : negotiate phase failed : syserr = Connection refused”. Can you suggest some user guidelines, aslo including special settings for time capsule?