aTV Flash and Ipad Infuse

Hi, perhaps a little contentious, but given that

a) I have an Ipad and Infuse and can mirror to my aTV2;

b) jailbreaks for the latest versions of aTV2 and development in general, Infuse apart, for aTV Flash seems to have perhaps taken a backseat;

c) I now have little need of the other aTV flash apps (again, probably have equivalents on my Ipad eg. browser, weather etc);

I'm thinking of no longer jailbreaking my aTV2 (much as I appreciate the use of it I have made over the years since I bought it) so that I can upgrade to the latest apple firmware and use the Ipad/Infuse/mirror route and possibly have the best of both worlds.

Am I alone in thinking about this, or have I missed some very important point?