Atv flash and Apple warranty

I’ve installed in my apple tv the software and it worked fine. Suddenly the apple tv cannot start and the front lamp remain flashing yellow. Apple says " hardware problem, send me your apple tv’" . I’ve to send them my apple tv with atv flash software inside because i cannot restore factoring setting. It could be a prroblem with my warranty? Apple could cancel my warranty?

Thak you

You may want to check your video cable connections.

Thanks for the answer.
The cable are ok, apple tv don’t start (flashing yellow light) and i cannot see it on screen, even on itunes even on cyberduk.
What could happen if apple will found atv flash in apple tv hard disk? Coud they avoid warranty?

If you hold down the minus (-) and menu buttons for about 6 seconds does the AppleTV restart in Recovery mode? If not, it may be related to a hard drive failure.