ATV Flash although I Need ATV Flash Black.

Dear Madamn dear Sir,

I unfortunately bought the ATV flash version although I have ATV 2 so I need
the black version. Could you please help me out. On the one hand I paid too
much what is about 10$ and on the other hand it could not being installed on
my ATV 2.

Very sad because i wanted it Today.

Awaiting your early response and support.

Many thanks!

Best regards from Germany,

Hey guys what is happening. No one is picking up the phone and no response on my tickets.While I ordered the ATV Flash version I was sure that it will also work with ATV 2 since it was not descirbed that it will not work on ATV 2. Also you guys are saying that ATV Flash supercharges your ATV and not ATV Gen 1. Only what you are saying is that ATV Black but not that this is being meant for ATV 2. Your description should be in that way that everybody even unexperienced people are getting informed correctly. Just a proposal from an unexperienced customer. I well know that your company is young and that is why I wish you all the best but customer care is mandatory. Friendyl spoken ;-)))

So now to my problem again: please help. I do not want to cancel my order and get the money back.





I’ve escalated your ticket and you should be getting a response shortly.

Sorry for the delay.

Hey James,

yes please escelate. Actually it seems to me easily done replacing the exstining download files by the black version . Return back 10.00 $ and everything is fine. I am happy and you have a reliable customer.  Seriously it took too much time only for this.


Sincerely Prathepan