ATV Flash a waste

The media supported on the main site says that flash video is supported. How can that be when there is a wiki on how you have to (illegally in most cases probably) find the magic osx version with the silver coreaudiokit.framework? Now that doesn’t sound like its being supported to me. I have wasted hours trying to get adobe flash to work with most of that time searching for the correct framework. Waste of 50 bucks if you ask me.

You’re better off using the Boxee install script over at the Boxee forums. That’s what I used to get it working, after I uninstalled ATVflash’s NitoTV, Boxee, Flash, and Firefox installs.

Video is still choppy, so I’m not even sure it’s worth doing on an AppleTV unless 5fps video is acceptable to you. If there was a way to get the GPU to do the decoding, then I’d say it’s worth it, but the CPU isn’t fast enough to handle it well.

I read on Ars Technica that Apple is releasing API’s for Flash to use the GPU, but it wont be available on Leopard and it’s not for any GPUs before the 9400m. I suppose it’s possible some real hackers could have a go at the API to get it working on the ATV hardware, but I wouldn’t hold my breath since it uses a modified Tiger and has an, I think, 7xxx series GPU.

Well I am ditching apple tv. I bought a laptop several months ago and forgot that it has a HDMI connector and my TV has optical outs so I can go from there to my surround sound system. No need for apple tv now. Its awesome, I don’t have to worry about a stupid core audio whatever whatever! HDMI is becoming standard on laptops these days. Makes me wonder what the point of apple tv (and ATV Flash) will be as time goes on.

The AppleTV doesn’t do well with streaming Adobe Flash video. Below is an excerpt from the FAQ page on the site.

Can I play video from sites like Hulu and Netflix?
Kind of, but not really. While it is possible to enable Adobe Flash for viewing Internet video in Firefox the playback quality is quite poor due to the AppleTV’s limited processing power.


Well, if you bought ATV Flash only to enable Flash playing, then it is probably a waste.
But if you consider what it adds to the Apple TV overall, I don’t think it is such a waste.
I wanted to be able to play FLAC files. I couldn’t straight of the box, now I can.
I wanted to be able to watch to DVD’s with menus and all. I could’nt straight of the box, now I can.
I wanted to be able to play Hi_rez files (96khz or 192khz). I couldn’t ; now I can (of course, only in 48khz… but that is the mimiting factor of that non-sense optical solution which is know to be the worst for audiophile systems !).

All in all, I only can say that all I can do now with Boxee, XBMC and the new NitoTV is quite good.

Haven’t tried flash as they do not match my needs for quality playback, in Video as in Audio. And, compared to other multimedia players, the AppleTV does quite well in this area…