aTV Flash 4.1 and Dolby Digital

aTV Flash 4.1 finally promises Dolby Digital from DVD Video_TS files. Can anybody write a guide as to how to achieve this please.

I have upgraded to ATV 3.0.2 and aTV Flash 4.1 AC3 passthrough is enabled in files/settings and media/settings and I have run the installer. The video_TS files play fine in NitoTV but only in pro logic. The same files converted with the handbrake universal setting with twin audio tracks play 5.1 OK

There is an ‘AC3 Passthrough’ setting located in Maintenance → Settings that will enable AC3 passthrough for nitoTV and Sapphire (Media). ATVFiles is the only item that has its own standalone setting.

Does this work for anyone? I just get horrible static when playing files with DD. The noise is VERY loud so turn the volume down before you try this. Obviously my equipment fully supports DD, but something is definitely not right here. This is playing a film via NitoTV streamed from a share on my PC

Which program was used to rip your DVDs?

Some using AutoGK (Gordon Knot) which would be xVid and others using DiVX Converter. All the files I have seem to have the same issue.
I should add that I didn’t install aTV Flash 4.1 from scratch. I upgraded a 3.x install and all plug-ins say they are up-to-date.

Apologies if I have overlooked something silly…

Thankyou guardianmax, found the AC3 passthrough in maintenance/settings and now get 5.1… n.b. couldn’t turn it on until I updated NitoTV following the other upgrades. I wonder if an F.A.Q. on Dolby Digital might be an idea as this subject seems to crop up in the forums quite a lot.