ATV flash 4.0.5 / Hulu / BBC iPlayer

VPN (virtual private server) Integration
All new for aTV Flash 4.0.5 is a simple but powerful integration of OpenVPN. Using a VPN allows anyone to access video feeds such as Hulu or BBC iPlayer even though they may currently be outside the normal regional service area.

I’ve installed 4.0.5 and enabled the Hotspot shield. When I use Couch Surfer to go to the BBC iPlayer web site I get rejected for having an IP address outside of the UK.

I go to Boxee > applications and go to Hulu. I navigate to a TV show. The show shows that it is loading. I then get a black screen which I have to back out of.

What do I need to do to get Hulu or BBC iPlayer to work?

I dont even get Hulu show up under the applications list so you are one step ahead of me

Does anyone have any information on how we configure the device to access the bbc iplayer

Both the BBC iPlayer and Hulu show up in the applications. The BBC iPlayer looks like it will work but gets blocked for being out of the UK even though the Hotspot Shield says it is enabled. I don’t know if I have to go into the settings and enable it to use a proxy server. There are no instructions anywhere.

The Hulu app just goes to a black screen and stays there probably for the duration of the program it thinks it is playing. Again no instructions or troubleshooting guides that I can find.

I can’t speak to the BBC issue, but I know that there have been issues with Hulu on Boxee for quite some time. Hulu keeps trying to block Boxee and Boxee keeps trying to find work arounds. Many users have reported the same Hulu issue as you. There has been no authoritative word yet (that I have seen) from aTV Flash or Boxee that I have seen. It doesn’t help that the most recent Boxee beta has been out for some time but no release for aTV Flash. Although this is likely out of aTV’s control, it would be good to see a statement from them since Boxee and Hulu are two major reasons that people have purchased aTV Flash.


I accidentally deleted my Hulu and can’t figure out how to download or get it back in my applications list.

I also can’t find Hulu…the BBC iplayer shows up (and just updated it or something last night) but I’ve never had Hulu show up as an option the the same place?

any chance to get hulu running on the current atvflash with boxxee ?