aTV Flash 4.0.2 Installation

Excuse me for being somewhat apprehensive after the recent experiences with the ATV and aTV Flash updates, but before I attempt to update to 4.0.2, I need some feedback on the installation procedure. I already have ATV 3.0.1 and aTV Flash 4.0.1 installed and I’m using an external HD as Primary.

The wiki states:

[i]Do I have to reinstall using a USB drive every time there is an update for aTV Flash?

No. In most cases aTV Flash can be updated right on the AppleTV through the Maintenance menu. A USB flash drive is only required for the initial installation and for updating aTV Flash after installing an AppleTV system update. [/i]

So this implies that I do not need to download onto the USB flash drive. Can this be confirmed? Can the external HD stay connected during the update process? I just wish that a detailed installation procedure covering various setups can be included with the update announcement.

If you are running 4.0.1 there is no need to install 4.0.2 via a USB drive. The version to version changes can be seen here:

Any application updates can be installed through the Maintenance > Install Extra and Manage Plugins menu.

In this case, the only application that was updated was ATVFiles which can be installed on the AppleTV through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Well, the updates are:
* [Feature] ATVFiles beta (1.3.0b) - Updated for AppleTV 3.0.1
* [Updated] Mac + PC Installers - Faster startup after installation, fixed Mac installer bugs, improved PC flash drive compatibility
* [Bugfix] Minor bug fixes

So if I just update ATVFiles through the Maintenance → Plugins menu, will I also get the ‘[Bugfix] Minor bug fixes’ update? Seems like those are separate from the ATVFiles update.

The main focus of this update was the improved installer applications; this includes the installation routine when using the USB flash drive to install. If aTV Flash is already installed, these updates won’t affect you.

The only thing you would gain by installing 4.0.2 from the flash drive would be ATVFiles, which can be installed through the Manage Plugins menu.