aTV Flash 3.6.4 with ATV 2.4, Installer cant boot Patchstick

Just downloaded aTV Flash v3.6.4 as a new user today. Followed instructions for installing on Apple TV v2.4. I see the aTV Flash Log, the installer script starts and runs for a couple of seconds (Text on Left of Screen) then I can see a “Boot error” when it attempts to find the, it then states trying “TelnetD” and then hangs on a section referring to LoopBack. I have repeated the process 3 times, every time it is the same result.

Any help would be appreciated!

UPDATE: Issue Resolved. I created a new installer Thumb drive this time using a Verbatim 2GB Thumb drive. It seems that the issue was due to the other Thumb drive which was a Cruzer mini 256MB.