aTV Flash 3.5 installation problem

I downloaded atv flash v3.5 and tried to apply to my appleTV after updating it to v2.3.
I follow the instructions but restarting with the usb patchstick on appleTV doesnt work at all (just apple logo and normal start).
It is not my first time doing this, I have done the same several times before with previous versions of atvflash with the same usb disk (1 GB) and no problems.
I have noticed that after choosing the plugins aTV flash saying “done” is very fast (less than 1 minute).
I have also tried to downgrade my appleTV to v2.1 following the tutorial in this forum but connection with apple tv is refused via terminal.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you may have copied the installer application to your computer. The installer app should be ran directly from the downloaded disk image.


I reluctantly upgraded my fully functional ATV with the latest Flash Upgrade.
It went fine…no problems.
I followed directions and used a 2 gig data traveler which has worked fine in the past.
No hiccups, though the newly patched ATV Unit needed about 4 self-bootup cycles to load the new code and finally start working.
The “flash” has a new icon, is it now distributed by a different company?

Thanks for the quick answer.
Altough I didn’t copy the aTV application to my hard drive, I tried with my other mac the same proccess and this time it took more time to copy addons etc. With this patchstick no problems. Apple TV in v2.3 and aTV flash in v3.5 are working completely fine now.

I’m having this same problem with the windows version of aTV Flash 3.5. The appleTV just loads normally instead of installing anything from the USB drive. I know this drive works to boot on AppleTV as I used it for a former patchstick long ago.

For some reason, reformatting the device first on an XP box before attempting to rebuild the UDB stick on my vista box seemed to do the trick.