aTV Flash 3.4.0 on FW2.3 - infinite reboot

Hi all,

Anyone seeing this issue? I created my aTV Flash 3.4.0 pen drive today but for the first time I’m having problems. Infinite reboot then eventually dropped back to the “Restart / Test Hardware / Factory Restore” menu.

I’m going to try again using my older OS.dmg and will post my experience here. A factory restore would be bad…



Hmmm… no success with the older OS.dmg. I’m going to try a really basic patchstick configuration - turn most things off and see if that works.

Ok, so with only FTP / SSH enabled on the patchstick, I get… an infinite reboot (well, until I get to the “restart” option at least).

I see the Apple logo show, then blink once, then reboot. This repeats twice more. The orange light blinks the whole time until you eventually get to the “restart” menu when it turns white.

In a word: fuck.

aTV Flash wizards, only you can save me now.