aTV Flash 3.2.3 KILLED Sapphire?!?!?!

ok… so ever since I updated to the new version of aTV Flash 3.2.3 sapphire is not working properly. If I enter the directory I can see all of my movies listed… When I import all my movies are showing up as being found on IMDB, but them when I go into MOVIES > ALL MOVIES the movie is not added to my list of movies… Also when I go into the main unsorted directory for the movies and then right arrow on a movie uploaded after the 3.2.3 update, I have no option for Mark to Refetch Movie Date or Mark to Clear Metadata.

From what i have read in the forums others are having what seems to be a similar issue, I also read that someone did a full recovery on their aTV and they were still having the same issue… SO, any ideas?

Anyone have the previous version of aTV Flash? Cause I’d Rather have that that no have sapphire working… Sapphire is my Media Browser of choice.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting and any help you might be.

Are any of the admins reading the posts that SAPPHIRE is not working anymore??? Several threads posted about this issue but no response … All we ask is that you let us know if you are looking into this and possibly come up with a fix or pls give us a link to get the old version back … :expressionless:

This is a known issue within Sapphire. The IMDB changed the metadata a few days ago. The author of Sapphire is working on a fix, and should have an updated package available shortly.

Hey, no offense to you aTV Flash Guys… I love your product and think it was a totally great purchase. But you must see my concern when we all upgrade and then all of a sudden a major component stops working. So what forums do we check to see the status of the new Sapphire?

There actually was a new version of Sapphire released today. We’ll have an updated aTV Flash package available shortly.

So this has been the cause of my frustration these last few days. I thought either I was either crazy, stupid or that no one was using Sapphire anymore. Great to know I am not alone in this problem!

So how do I download this new update and install on my aTV? Will it break my external usb support? Will it overwrite my 10.4.10 combo update? Do I have to reinstall everything from scratch with a new usb flash drive aTVFlash?

Please let me know ASAP so I can try and get things working this weekend.

Thanks for all the effort and hard work.

You can download the 3.3 version through your online account. The download link under your original order will always point to the latest version.

Just install the new version on your flash drive, and reflash your Apple TV. You wont need to factory restore, or reinstall any of the other add-ons you already have in place.

I had the same experience. Sapphire stop functioning with 3.2.3 and I updated to 3.3 without much luck. I get the Boink sound but nothing else.
Sapphire is the best feature of this patch. How can we get it going again?