ATV flash 3.2.2 and ATV downloads

I’ve recently patched ATV after the recent 2.2 firmware and I have a couple of questions.

  1. I purchased season passes of my fav ongoing TV shows in HD. When I use ATV - General Settings - Download - It doesn’t pick up any new TV shows waiting to be downloaded from the iTunes store, but I know there are downloads waiting. ATM, I have to use my MBP to launch itunes, download the TV shows from the itunes store, then sync to ATV. I always thought ATV would automatically check, download the TV shows automatically from the iTunes store when available and then sync it with iTunes on my MBP when I eventually turn it on. Is this a problem with ATV and the new firmware or is it a bug from ATV flash preventing ATV checking any new firmware updates etc (I know they are prob not related but hey…)

  2. Since the recent ATV update, 3.2.2, every now and then, at the ATV menu, I seem to have separate menu options on top of one another, and it takes about 30 secs or so, for them to separate. EG, I see Settings, Maintenance and General settings, not as separate entries but all the words on a single line but on top of each other? (Hope that makes sense and doesn’t like I’m a crazy person!)