ATV Flash 2.6.3 update erased Patchstick's Launch More

I just updated my ATV to the latest version of ATV Flash (I had 2.6.2) and noticed that Patchstick’s Launch More was deleted. So I had to reinstall Patchstick. Is that normal? Did I do something wrong?

That plugin has been found to cause many conflicts with a number of other plugins, and the standard aTV Flash installation process will remove it. You’ll have a more robust AppleTV experience without it.

Thank you for your quick reply. The reason why I installed Patchstick is that they have a script that can run OpenVPN (using WiTopia VPN). I need to run a VPN to access geo restricted material (Hulu, etc.) Does ATV Flash have the ability to run OpenVPN (or utilized WiTopia) or somehow alter ATV so as to work with Hulu for those who live and reside outside the U.S.?