ATV Flash 2.5 installation problem

Running ATV Flash 2.4, and ATV is running iOS 5.2

Download the ATV 2.5 exe and file transfer is succesful, and ATV reboot.
But when checking the version it’s still showing 2.4. (seen in maintenance / about)

Maybe related as well, currently in 2.4 i cant update “Maintenance” and “Infuse for ATV” from the maintenance menu.
It mention succesful installation done, please reboot ATV. But when checking the log file on ATv it shows updated 0 items of 20.
And the maintenance menu is still showing that an update for those are available.

Current versions:
Maintenance V2.5-18
Infuse V2.5-554

Mememory space is’t a problem, on a regulare time i clear data to avoid memory problems.
any idea what to check?