aTV Flash (1gen) to aTV Flash Black (2gen)

If I purchase the aTV Flash and the life time of updates for my 1gen Apple Tv and then later on down the road buy a Apple TV 2gen will I have to purchase the aTV Flash black also? Or will it roll over?

Hi, I have a similar questions, some time ago I purchased ATV Flash (1gen) for my ATV1, which has just died on me. So I am looking to purchase an ATV2, do I need to repurchase ATV Flash (2 Gen)?

Each is a separate product, so if you purchase the original aTV Flash now and want to switch to aTV Flash (black) down the road you would need to submit a new order.

However, we are running a special for those who want to purchase both aTV Flash and aTV Flash (black) at the same time. This special may change as time goes on so I won’t post the details here, but if you use coupon code ‘COMBO’ with both aTV Flash and aTV Flash (black) in your cart you will see the discount.

What if I purchased atv flash black 1 week ago, but now I also want to buy atv flash for the first apple tv, can I still use the COMBO coupon code, can I get a discount or something

Sure. The easiest way would be to submit a new order for both items, then shoot us an email and we can refund your first order.

Ok, well, I just did that, I emailed you guys, now what should I do?


James, I have Lifetime for the ATV Black, I would like to purchase the ATV Silver can I do the same?




Yep. Just shoot us an email after the new order has been placed and we’ll get the first one refunded.

You guys are the best!


Good product and support!