ATV Flash 11-1-2010 no usb

I installed the update from 11-1-2010 and have not been able to get the usb to work even after a 2end and 3erd reload.

the atempt to go back to earlyer vertion said I can't so I am screwed. any help would be good. thanks

You may try re-running the Smart Installer:

Thank you I have run the installer each time this is the 4th time I have upgraded the software and i have done it the same way this time just can't get it to responed this time.

if any one has upgraded ther software to 11-1-2010 and it worked please let me know.


I upgraded and have had all sorts of problems, haven't been able to access the external usb drive since either. Have done all the usuals, update, run smart installer, reboot, connect drive, several times

I have the same Problems.
I installed aTV Flash the first time, Version 4.2.1
I have installed nitoTV, Smart Installer, Perian Plugin and MPlayer Codecs. But i can’t connect my USB HD Essential from Western Digital.
Nito TV says the Folder is empty. Try to reboot, run Smart Installer again, plug the HD before powering up the Apple TV, plug in and out when Apple TV is on - nothing.
Must i install any other Plugin in addition? It’s my first time, so maybe i forget something.
I read here something about Kextloader - must i install that and if it’s so, where can i get it?

Need to format the drive as apple HFS+ file structure. Then set as external to get the file structure on the drive, but switch back to internal afterwards.

Seems to work. not an easy fix. use the MACDRIVE tool to do this with WINDOWS 7.

My problem is worst: IMy AppleTV had the Fash software installed running ok. After a blakout, I had to reset the AppleTV and lost the Flash upgrade. Now the unit do not recognize the USB stick. I have tried several times with two different stick brans. The AppleTV boots normal, not ATV Flash.
During booting the LED on the stick lights for a second, the turns off for the rest of the booting.

Anyone can help?

try re-burning your ATV Flash USB stick with your computer workstation. Use the latest version, and let the Flash download from the web site.

It works for me every time.