ATV FLASH 1.1.1 support for .dvr-ms files FINALLY!

My prayers have been answered THANK YOU! ATV FLASH 1.1.1 now supports .dvr-ms files.

I use Microsoft Windows Media Center to record my TV shows, they are saved as .wtv files, which I convert to .dvr-ms files by right clicking and selecting convert.

I was so excited to hear that ATV FLASH 1.1.1 added support for .dvr-ms files :D, however when I try to play a .dvr-ms file in ATV media player I get no sound and the video is real choppy.

The same file will play trouble free through my Western Digital Live TV or my computer.


Any ideas?

I have the same problem, did you get a resolution?

Unfortunately the only resolution has come in the form of a WD Live TV.

I am still optimistic that this will be fixed in one of their future updates, because the majority of people use WMC for recording TV shows.

So getting this type of file to work, should be on their priority list, I would think.

It’s been quite a few months and several updates to aTV Flash black with still no audio when playing DVR-MS files. Does anyone have the audio working with this file type? Would someone from Firecore please comment on whether or not this is a recognized problem and, if so, when we can anticipate a fix?

This is a known issue with certain audio types found in DVR-MS files. The fix should be available in the upcoming 1.6 version.

Sorry for the trouble.

(PS - also coming in 1.6 is support for .wtv files)

Good because I use PLEX and it plays all file types (e.g. dvr-ms, wtv) perfectly.  I’d rather use ATV Flash so that I can play files directly from my NAS.