ATV First Gen 1080P/1080i native?

I’ve had my ATV first gen box for several years now and I’ve always read on forums that to get the AppleTV first gen to run in 1080P/1080i you had to pull your Broadcom card and replace it with the crystal HD video card but my first gen ATV has both 1080p/I and when I select either setting I see the click here if you can see the apple logo and your box is 1080 compatible? WTF? I don’t understand how my ATV is capable of it because even though I bought mine used a few years ago I still have my wifi card in it because I use the ATV on my wifi network so how is it possible? my ATV is the 160 gig version… anyone else have the same thing where your ATV isn’t supposed to have 1080 capability and it has it?