The Factory Reset required by the 3.1 upgrade necessitated that I sync (and thus “backup” to my Itunes Library) my previously unsunc purchases of films and TV episodes that were happy inhabiting my Apple TV.

After the successful upgrade, I turned on Custom Sync in Itunes so as to “transfer” them back to Apple TV. This worked fine (hours later). But now I discover that erasing the (to me) redundant Itunes library copies will ALSO blitz the purchased files on the Apple TV. Thus leaving me with NOTHING, as the Itunes store does not allow one to “re-download” them.

I needed the room back on the external drive that houses my Itunes library.

So, I decided to use Cyberduck to transfer a third (!) copy of them to the frontrow MOVIES folder which is accessible to FILES as well as the Nitoplayer. (Creating appropriately named subfolders i.e. MYPURCHASES/MOVIE and MYPURCHASES/TVSHOWS…

I next plan to erase the Itunes library material and then reset from SYNC to my previous STREAMING setup which (after this change erases the Apple TV copies as well) will leave me with one copy residing on only the Apple TV accessible via the NITOplayer and FILES (but no long playable via the original ATV Movie/My Movies menu).

I did a test and I believe I will be able to play via Nito and/or Files successfully.


Does anybody know how I can preserve my cover art for each of these purchases in the above scenario?!

I can play these files but the Parade Thumbnails (or whatever they’re called) either don’t get included during my Cyberduck copy or else I don’t know where to grab this info separately and then where to place them (via Cyberduck) so that Nito or Files would make them visible, just as they were after my initial download from the Itunes store.

Don’t worry, I’m emotionally prepared if it can’t be done. But thought I’d ask for any genius help, just in case…TIA


If I use the NITOplayer I have blank folder and dogeared file icons. I’m guessing that the artwork should be located in Library/ApplicationSupport/nito/images.

Is that right?
And how do you find the per item artwork in Itunes to transfer it to this folder, if in fact that’s where it belongs?

I also realize that Sapphire might be the alternative to this, but my experience with Sapphire with other things hasn’t been so hot…