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Just updated my Apple TV to 2.2 and run the latest aTV Flash release (3.3.4). Everything seemed to go smoothly, but I note that the ATV Files and Sapphire top menu items are no longer available. Is this correct? I see that I can access the ATV Files via the DVD menu item, which is fine because it’s the functionality I care most about, but wanted to check whether this is normal or if there has been an error during the update. Your feedback would be much appreciated.

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Tony Hart

To the poster - please don’t take offence - this is towards the site admins : SITE ADMINS PLEASE make additions to the install guides for ATVFlash that details that Sapphire and ATV Files have been removed from the latest versions due to incompatability with Apple TV Firmware 2.2. There are so many threads of people asking where they are, or why they did not install - but it would just be easier if this info was in the install guide.

Poster - hope that answers your question!

Yep! Spot on. I thought this was the case, but just wanted to check. Agreed, the documentation could use an update.

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Will do. Cheers.

Yes, this information should have been in the install literature.

ATVFiles is essential for me. Although I use nitoTV for many things, I do not use it as a player.

  1. How can I restore and only upgrade to ATV v2.1?

  2. Can I use an earlier version of ATVFlash to get ATVFiles?

  3. I also would like Boxee: Once back at v2.1; can I use ATVFlash v3.3.4 to upgrade and install Boxee, and will this version install ATVFiles since I will only be at v2.1?

Thank you.

  1. You need to follow this PDF:

  2. E-mail aTV Flash to get aTV Flash 3.3.1 for compatibility with AppleTV 2.1.

  3. To get Boxee/XBMC on aTV 3.3.1, you have to follow these steps:

Hope that helps you out.

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