ATV Files broken since 2.2, anything that NitoTV can't do?


I have only been using ATV Flash since version 3.3.2 with ATV 2.2. ATV Files has been broken since then so I have never experienced it–thus I am wondering what functionality I am missing as a result. Via NitoTV 0.57-0.61 I am able to navigate the file system, access an external USB drive and play VIDEO_TS folders (albeit without AC-3/5.1 audio

What else does ATV Files do that NitoTV cannot?

Specifically, for older users who are running ATV Files 1.1.1, ATV Flash 3.3.2, and ATV 2.1; do you have proper AC-3/5.1 playback from VIDEO_TS folders? (I heard that there is an “AC-3 passthru” option, but does it work?)

Thank you.