ATV Files and Trailer ...

Hi James,

1°) Can you add nationality (see my picture) ?. For example, I have put < nationality >U.S.A< /nationality > into XML file.

At this time, because you don’t write nationalty, I have put into ‘genre’ like this : < genres >< genre primary=“true” >U.S.A. Science fiction< /genre >< genre >Drame< /genre >< /genres >. It’s readable but not a good job …

It’s really very annoying at the moment not to know if it is an American movie, French, Chinese or other … and it’s the same thing on my Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

2°) Can you add button ‘Trailer’ (or ‘Bande Annonce’ in french) to play ‘Trailer’ ? Only if file xxx-trailer.yyy is present into the folder ?

For exemple, I have the trailer like this :

Thank you James, Patrick


I’m not sure about this Nationality tag for XML, but I support your Trailers suggestion 100% :wink: