Atv features

After reading all the benefiits of jailbreaking my applet tv 1g, before buying your software please answer me the following questions:

To start with, i do have an ipad 1g. Apple tv 1g and iphone 3gs both running the latest ios5 and i am using windows 7 on my pc.

  1. Will it be possible to stream content directly from my phone and ipad to the apple tv? (without having my computer open)
  2. From my pc, will i be able to see the apple tv hard disk in my network ‘workgroup’ and drag and drop movies and files directly on it, just as on a normal external hard drive connected to the wireless network? (i know about ftp, but this would be more convenient) - with the possibility to view them later from xbmc
  3. I would like to download torrents using my computer directly in the apple tv hard drive (preferably setting it as a network drive), is it possible?

Thank you, and waiting for your reply.

all good questions, does anyone have any ideas?

I bought the jb before getting an answer and i found out that all of my questions had a positive answer

  1. yes it’s possible to use an ipad or iphone to airplay on apple tv directly photos, videos, music…

  2. yes, the apple tv hard disk is visible in my network, after installing some things (after jailbreaking) they are all in the menu, you just have to search and configure

  3. yes, but it’s not that reliable… Although i have a time capsule (3rd generation) the transfer rate between my computer and the apple tv hard disk is not that satisfying. I will still use my Time Capsule as a share point between the 2. I set the TC hard disk to be seen from the Apple TV and everything’s a charm :wink: