aTV doesn´t recognize TV Series

I´m using my aTV black to watch movies/TV Series on my synology212j. I´ve transferred all files (TV Series and movies) to my NAS, but after I connected my atV to my NAS it showed everything under movies. And the metadata for some series was wrong as well. what can I do that the aTV sorts the files correctly and how can I change the metadata for the wrong files.


Some technical information:

Black Apple TV

newest aTV flash version

NAS: Synology 212j

TV: Samsung ue46C8790

Connected via WLAN


Thanks for the help!!


BTW I put all TV Series in the Series Folder of the NAS and all movies in the movie folder. on my IPAD it is recognized as a series

You may check to ensure your TV Shows folder is marked as such. By default everything is marked as Movies.

See ‘Setting Content Types’ section here:

Also, details on correcting metadata can be found here:

Does this work for the new Apple TV as well?