ATV Direct mode (+Plex) : No way to look for the whole library?

Hello, I just turned on the new feature “Direct Mode” on my ATV 4K 1st Gen, while nice, it seems I can’t find a way to show the whole library whether it’s for shows or movies.

On my mac, I can indeed look for whole libraries as there’s a “Files” entry in the sidebar.

Do I miss something ? Is there an easy way to access this “Files” folder inside the ATV app that I missed ?

Thanks !

If I’m understanding you correctly then I think what you need to do is go to Infuse settings

  1. Click “Shares”
  2. Then click on your media server.
  3. Click on “Add favourites” This should then show your various libraries in Plex.
  4. Long press on each library and it will allow you to add each one as a favourite.

You should end up with something like this.


@Hitsville is correct.

We’re also planning to make this process automatic when a new Plex (or Emby/Jellyfin) share is added for the upcoming 8.0 release.


Thanks a lot, this resolve my issue.

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