ATV crashes

I just bought atv last week and I update the firmware to 2.4 . Today, I bought this atvflash and got few problems.

I follow the instructions properly and installed atvflash successfully. On the first reboot, my atv crashes then I reboot again and it reboots fine. The problem now is when Im playing a atv movie compatible using nitoTv. After playing the movie for few minutes, the movie started to choppy… meaning this scenario loops, playing fine for 3 secs, it pause for half sec then continue to play for 3 sec again then stop then play…

One more thing is that when I access my movies on local hard drive of my atv through Files > Movies > Crashes!.. I cant access my movies through “File” menu, my ATV hangs!

IF this will not go smoothly within 24 hours, I will request for money back! :x

Try this and see if that fixes your problems:

Same issue as sapaw + the same behaviour with XBMC.

Since the Apple 2.4 update and the 3.6.1 of ATV (including the latest maintenance release) as well as ensuring latest update of XBMC I have a long delay at the main and XMBC menu screen when using the original white remote or my Harmony device. When I do get a response and begin to select a file to play it will drop to the centred white Apple screen then restart, if I get past that it will crash after playing one mp3 file or part way through an AVI. This issue is consistent when I’m playing files from and SMB share, attached USB drive or local to the ATV. Saphire and nito have the same result.

My questions are: is there any value in doing a factory reset and clean install? I noticed during the 3.6.1 install that it was an upgrade vs. a net new install. Has anyone else has had success with this approach? Is there a related effort underway by the atvflash team that might resolve this issue?


For the sake of others…

Did a factory reset on the ATV from the main launch menu (Settings), setup my wireless (N) connection then updated the ATV system to 2.4.

Rebuilt my ATVFlash stick, this time I deleted the partition on the USB stick (Scandisk 128MB) and created a clean (MAC OS Journaled) partition, downloaded the atv update independently from the creator (just to be sure it downloaded fully, for the 2.4 files URL was:
pointed the ATVF to the fresh dmg file and elected to only install saphire, atv maintenance, xbmc/boxee + the update supress option. Cold start of ATV with the USB stick in place. Let the ATVF process run (ensured it did an install and not an update by watching the screen roll) ran the ATVF maintenance update, downloaded and installed XBMC then the Launcher and its been stable for a couple of hours now. Am pulling content from and SMB share (XP SP3 over N wireless) and its working fine - stable video, AC3 etc.

caveat emptor (or whatever user is in Latin) : I typed the 2.4 dmg URL from another screen


Purchased the Hillcrest remote and have what I believe is the latest updated version of ATV flash.
I have to restart the ATV when it’s not active for awhile. Remote unresponsive until restart.
Then after a while, remote becomes delayed or unresponsive through the menus.
Also, video and sound are not synced and video “frame rate” is choppy and/or delayed.
Is there an easy fix? Is it the Hillcrest remote or ATV?

This is a known issue related to the screen saver on the AppleTV. We’re looking into the root cause, and should have a solution soon.

A simple workaround for now would be to disable the AppleTV screensaver feature. This can be done through the Settings > Screen Saver menu. Change the setting to ‘never’ and the system should function normally.

I installed ATV Flash and had problems from the start. Frequently, when accessing a menu item that came with ATV Flash, my Apple TV would crash and reboot. I did a factory reset of Apple TV, so I no longer have ATV Flash installed. When I installed it originally, I used a Memorex 1GB Travel Drive, but I don’t think I ever really really deleted the U3 function from the drive (despite best efforts). Might that have caused my problems? Or would I simply not have been able to install ATV Flash if I didn’t really really delete the U3?

i used a U3 device to install atv flash and all worked ok.

you need to make sure that you install it using the proper instructions ie factory restore, update to 2.4, install atv flash etc

sapphire still causes mine to crash though

Check out Apple Core/ Suport Forums/ Using the Atv Flash/ then open up the sapphire forum.

There are quite a few of us crashing with the sapphire application on its own and apart from that everything is fine.