ATV crashes when trying to update NitoTV (Trying to stream Videos)

Curious what I can do about this. I just got a ATV2 (4.3). I Jailbroke it using Seasonpass. I’ve installed NitoTV and Plex. My ultimate purpose is to access my external hard drives via my laptop (looking into getting a NAS in the future). 


Both programs are working, but I don’t like Plex’s interface, so I wanted to try out NitoTV. I read that if you install atvfiles and perian, you’d be able to play most files back through XMBC. When I went to install those, I didn’t see them in the package list, nor did they come up when I searched, so I figured maybe an update would help. That’s when ATV started crashing. 


Any help/advice would be appreciated. I have 2TB’s of video and audio that I’d eventually like to stream to ATV without converting/syncing to iTunes.