aTV constantly crashes after aTV Flash install

I installed the latest version and everything seemed to be great - could see regular (iTunes) content okay but opening Nito or XBMC would create a restart.  Tried unplugging and it temporarily worked.  Then, I could get the XBMC and Boxee to work, but moving to my iTunes content at the menu level would crash my aTV. After a restart, same thing.  Later I tried to view a movie from my iTunes sync'd library and it caused constant restarting without any playback.  Resorted to full factory reset and then everything from the stock aTV perspective worked the way it was supposed to.


I tried searching through the help but wasn't able to easily find similar issues...any tips would be great, as I am a little hesitant to try reinstalling again, as I don't want to waste my TV watching time constantly restarting and resetting the aTV....

I have seen this also.  Somewhat.  My ATV V1 is getting more "crash events".  Am only going to use half my disk drive capacity from now on.  And make sure that I use the NITOTV upgrade software tool (aka NITOTV Smart Installer).  That seems to upgrade several files in the APPLE TV file (guessing here) and help the Apple TV V1 behave more.


You may try removing any unused items through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu. 

This can be done by highlighting the item to be removed, and pressing the right arrow (>>) button.