ATV Bricked!!!

I have the ATVFlash lifetime service, I love the ability to add the external drive, so I did, and made it my main drive. Well, the cat got into the back of the system, as cats often do, and knocked the power from the external drive. Not sure when this happened as I was not at the house when it did, but now all I get from my ATV is a flashing amber light on the front. Unplugged it, plugged it back in, same thing, with and without the external drive. Is this unit now FUBAR? Time to send it back to Apple? The warranty is caput!

Try running the Apple TV Diagnostics.

  1. Hold down the Menu and Menu down/scroll (-) buttons on the remote for approximately 3 to 5 seconds, until the LED on Apple TV flashes yellow.
  2. After Apple TV restarts, a screen appears asking you to pick a language. Select the language you wish to use.
  3. The Apple TV Recovery screen appears with 3 selections:
    * Restart
    * Run Diagnostics
    * Factory Restore
    If the Apple TV intro movie plays instead, repeat the first step.
  4. Select Run Diagnostics. The screen displays “Running diagnostics” and a spinning disc cursor appears. These tests can take several minutes to complete. If you receive an error message, take your Apple TV to the nearest Apple Service Provider to have your unit evaluated.
  5. Upon successful completion of the diagnostics, the screen displays “Your Apple TV is working correctly.” Select Done to return to the Apple TV Recovery screen and then select Restart to return your Apple TV to normal operation.
  6. If the Apple TV Recovery screen reappears, unplug the power cable from your Apple TV and plug it back in. Your Apple TV should restart normally.

If you select Factory Restore, do not unplug the power cable from your Apple TV during the restore process. Your Apple TV will automatically restart when the restore process is complete.

Note: Using the Factory Restore will erase the network settings and any video, music, and photos stored on your Apple TV. You will need to set up a network connection and resync with iTunes to restore your content after the Factory Restore has completed.

Look up Flashing amber light for Apple TV, and I think you will find that there is no response to the remote or anything, usually means logic board f’d up! or something along those lines, either way, I need to get it to the Apple store, it’s bricked. Wish they would put a simple restart tab on the back like they used to do on their older products.