ATv breaks down using nito combined with an external hd !

I’ve just installed the latest usb patch on the atv and don everything as told here (

My external harddrive show up under nito/files/ and I can search through it, but unfortunately I’m unable to play the movies stored on it. I get to see a black screen or the atv breaks down.

Help please !

PS: I’ve just tried to play a dvd rip stored on the external hd, but doesn’t work too !

PPS: I just noticed the files button under nitotv. When I use this I can actually play my mv4. files without no problems, but unfortunately they are not displayed as if they were copied on the atvhd and shown under movies. How can I manage this, so I can see all infos and a nice cover too (which I added to all movie files via itunes) ?

Some files are better played under QuickTime. You can adjust the nitoTV File Playback Mode under nitoTV > Settings