ATV + Boxee performance issues


I’m running Boxee on my 1st Gen aTV, using the latest aTV flash. When I use Boxee to play a local file (or a file off my network share) it’s just fine, but when I use the “TV Shows/TV Show Library” option, the file playback is unwatchably choppy. (For instance, watching the latest Daily Show via Comedy Central). I’m brand new to aTV, but I’d expect if it can play a local file fine, or College Humour fine, it should be OK with the TV Shows too. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get this going?



If you’re referring to streamed programming, I run into the same problem and assumed it’s the slow processor in the ATV1.  (BTW it’s cabled not wired in my case so it isn’t a wireless issue.)

And since I like the ATV1 better than the ATV2, it’s been in the back of my mind to some day investigate replacing the CPU.


Actually, TV Shows in Boxee is the only place I have that problem, everything else is just fine. I assume it’s the way it renders the video for that particular type of stream. I installed IceTube on XMBC and it works flawlessly and provides roughly the same service, just a little less legitimately, so this isn’t a dealbreaker for me. Just annoying.

Also, you should look into the CrystalHD card upgrade. I haven’t done it yet, but I hear it’s good.

The dealbreaker for me is actually the GUI and the inability to FF/RW without a preview.  If you want to find a specific scene in the video it takes ages. We gave it a whirl for about three months to get used to the interface, but I eventually decided that I can’t get used to it.  Apple did such a fine job in spite of not being 100% what I’d like to have.

And yes, I’m only having this lagging video issue in boxee … loading the ad supported files … not the local ones.  I’ve seen them stream on a boxee box just fine though.

So in our case, we have reverted to iTunes and syncing (which is fine to take those extra steps), and it keeps the libraries identical with all three of our ATVs (in terms of what you have watched or not-watched).  My efforts currently are on finding other ways to stream, that will work on both an ATV1 and ATV2.  Looks like Playon might be a good way to go.  Only down side, is we are mostly macs here, and Playon is only available for PC.  Perhaps an old dusty PC from the closet might do the trick.  They recommend that ONE of the sources be cabled (either the ATV or the PC).  If they’re both wireless they hinted at bad results.

Plex on the ATV2 is sweet … but honestly not sweet enough.  But at least their interface is very slick and nice.

My position today … is serve the local media from iTunes, and then use the other apps to add more features and flexibility.