aTV black install roadblock: "Sorry no Apple tv devices could be found"

trying to install aTV flash (black) Version 6.1.0 (815) using iMac running Yosemite v10.10.3 and got into this showstopper: “Sorry no Apple tv devices could be found”
Apple TV is indeed connected , I tried both wifi and ethernet, and I can use airplay mirroring from my iphone and access iTunes Library from Mac (using home sharing).
So what is wrong with it ?? Please help
it should have been simple…

I’m now having this same issue…

same here

I believe Apple has updated Airplay to use encryption. As your devices are older firmware, they are not supported. I restored to factory settings and then updated an unbroken ATV and it reappeared. When I jailbroke a restored ATV2 using Seas0nPass, which downgraded to 5.3, it wouldn’t appear. So the issue is with Airplay. The ATV Flash needs to support a tethered/USB update, like it used to…but this will not fix the issue with Airplay from your Mac. IMHO it ouwld appear you need to choose if Airplay is more valuable to you than ATV Flash