ATV Black Feedback

So I had every intention of picking up a black atv and picked up both versions of atv flash a few months ago but only had everything working on the original (I never got around to getting the black till now :)


So it's finally here.  My feedback:

  1. I know there's a difference in meaning between "tethered" and "requires a usb cable to install" but i'm really not sure what it is.  i had to pick up a micro-usb cable (apparently i only had _mini_ usb cables lying around.  who knew?  $1.00 from monoprice though, so no worries)  That being said, once I did have the right cable I was jailbroken and installed in about 15 minutes
  2. It would REALLY help if seas0npass would say "press for 7 seconds AFTER it starts flashing repeatedly".  sure, i got it going.  eventually.  after searching this website.  frustration for no reas0n!
  3. I can't find anywhere that gives "current status" info of the vairous pieces of software.  I know it's "beta" but what is working and what isn't?
  4. I currently have all my DVDs in a "media" share in folder structure DVD\genre\title\video_ts and with this structure I can play files PERFECTLY with nito tv on the silver apple tv, but i can't for the life of me figure out how to get xbmc to PLAY the video_ts folder instead of BROWSING it.  With the black atv, i see get the same behavior in xbmc, but nitotv doesn't play dvds.  Oh well, I'll use the firecore "media" app instead: bing, bing, yay! it plays!  in 4:3!  WTF?  sorry, but as much as i like the media app's interface, I can't configure it AT ALL.  is there something i can do, some plist i can edit or something, to make it use the full 16:9 screen?
  5. That's about it really: the software works, I think, with some limitations (it's a beta!) but the big problem (as i see it) is that it's really hard to set expectations: what will it be like when i go to use it?????

Completely agree on issues 2 and 3, esp 3.  As paying customers using the software, we are essentially beta testers.  I would love to see a page in the support section of the website detailing what is and isn't working, known bugs and what's coming in the next release, instead of trawling through threads in the forum.  Sure, the blog post when updates are released tells us what's new and fixed, what they're working on, but more up-todate details would be helpful.